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May 26, 2010



i have been e-stalking that couch for weeks, i'm trying to decide whether to cough up the (copious amounts of) dough!!! haha. even went to the conran shop now located in ABC carpet and home basement (in manhattan). it's by squint ltd., a london based studio who does similar but often more madcap stuff that this. http://www.squintlimited.com/ (this one seems tame compared to their other stuff, in other words, if that's possible!)

i saw the squint storefront whilst in london several years ago...have been in love with their work ever since. so crazy good.

Account Deleted

AWE.....SOME. seriously.....


Ah! You're right. I should credit Squint with the design. I just added to the post.

Even tho I live in NYC, I am pretty much banned from ABC...so I haven't been to Conran's new digs.

That place is like taking a vacuum cleaner to my savings acct. It's just sad.

ps. the idea of you stalking a piece of furniture is freaking adorable!


That sofa is fantastic!


Oh my... that couch is amazing!

Mallory - Miss Malaprop

OMG, that couch is AMAZING. I love the crazy colors - it's wild but somehow it all still works.


right there with you, sister. ABC is like a wonderland of design goodness. i go a bit nuts when i go there...crazy with desire for pretty much everything. we used to live fairly close and i would just go in and visit stuff and drool.

i want that couch so badly, but i am in such a state about it. if i didn't have a toddler i would find a way to make it mine (even sell my soul!! hahaha!), but with that price point and the idea of it being sullied by cherrio dust and crayon marks makes me wanna hurl. ahhh!! such a hard decision. :P


I love this sofa. In fact I love most things Conran

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