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May 25, 2010


Tiffany B.

Too funny, I just went to the craft store looking for theard to make a frienship bracelet again. I have been seeing them around I remembered how fun they were to create. I can just think of all the new color combos I would choose now.


It is with complete humility and humbleness (clearly!) that I say: I was the Queen of Friendship Bracelets back in the day. Both the knotted kind and the safety pins + beads kind. I used to tape them to my desk every night and knot while I watched Growing Pains and Full House on my tiny, tiny tv. I think it was actually the muscle-memory of all that repetitive, almost meditative work that brought me back to making jewelry in my late 20s.

Dear Evie

I used to love making friendship bracelets at school too - I had hundreds of them! My nephews want me to show them how to make them now... if I can remember!


Ah, it's so great to see people were as excited over these little bracelets as I was. I literally remember each one I made... my color choices, and going to pick out the yarn. My favorite was a peach and navy blue design.

Cassie- that's the coolest thing ever. I love your insight. I agree, about doing my artwork today. It's so similar. : )

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