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May 25, 2010


Jane Heller

Those carpets are spectacular!
Thanks for sharing.


My pleasure... I wish I could get a photo of the one in the Tufenkian window right now. It's not on their site. I'm going to see if I can snap one next time I'm up there!


wow, the last one is like my dream rug. We've been carpeting shopping for what seems like a year and keep settling and changing $300 rugs. By the time we're done I think we should have just saved up for a good one. I guess that's the renter's life...

Brittany Noel

High stakes game of design blogging indeed! You brave soul. Have you seen rugs designed by rug company Odegard? They hold a contest every year for students to create and submit a rug design. There are cash prizes and the winner gets their rug made! I was hoping to win, but didn't. Anyway... They have incredible rugs. Theirs are more inspired by tradition, but definitely very contemporary. I love them!


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