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May 27, 2010



fabulous pieces! love the horse theme! love horses since been a little girl! reminds me..have to watch the movie "National Velvet" again!



ha- definitely! I also love horses. so happy you like the items - they have so much great stuff...it was hard to choose! s


I absolutely love the horse-head bottle opener. I love it more, though, because he is requesting a beer :)

Also, I love your site. It never disappoints!


i am blushing...thank you!
...what is the old addage?

"Hay is for horses...Beer is also for horses?" ...hm.
: )

Erika @ Practical Princess

Just wanted to say that I spent the last half hour oh so looking through your blog! I love every single post!


Hi Erika,

Thanks so much! I'm really happy to hear it. I've been writing it for a loooong time... I started out just writing it for myself, but over time, I've gotten to know my readers and now I really enjoy writing and blogging both for myself, and my groovy little audience!

xx susy

shannon fricke

gorgeous blog!

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