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Jun 23, 2010



What an amazing use of color! I'm totally in love. Also, I find myself softening towards chickens as pets/curiosities as I age. Perhaps it's part of the .... nesting instinct? (haaaar har har!)


Amazing artworks. Thanks for sharing and for the link. I will definitely follow up.

Have a great week.

x Charlotta


...just posted a comment.. or I think I did.. but it just vanished..so here I go again..
Loving these roosters. They look great and the detail is amazing. Thank you for the link - I look forward to exploring more.

x Charlotta

Brittany Noel

Oh my gosh, so glad that I did, indeed, stop by! I love these illustrations so much. I have a major soft spot for chickens, as my mom started her own little flock of the lovelies last year. So happy you posted these!

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