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Jun 21, 2010



love moodeboard so many goodies! very lovely! the bike and the perfume, adorable!

nope haven't read Faust either! admit i prefer Shakespeare, hehe!


This is so fun! Love the bike!


Me too. Actually, it's a decent price for a handmade bike!

I know bikes are really in right now...so I try hard not to post too many bikes that the average person (non-enthusiast) can't really ride... but this one seemed so friendly and useful!

Brittany Noel

Woah, that bike is fabulous! I love the crate on the back. I'd really like to find a crate basket for my bike. The feeling of this post is spot on for this part of summer. Hope everything is well with you :)


this is utterly charming -- especially adore the bicycle


Thank you! ...i was worried things were getting too bike-laden around here... but this one is so very very perfect i could not resist!


Cute collection, you've got me dying for some madeleines now!


Faust? I think you mean Proust? You really did skim it at college, didn't you?


Oh, Marta. Yes, Proust!
But yes, skimmed both of them.

Ah, what a treat to have such great readers... who actually read my posts, not just look at the pretty pictures.

I love that you set me straight! : )

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