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Jul 19, 2010


Jane Heller

Wow stunning collections... and from Montreal!
Thanks for introducing me to her work.


Bow are soooo doing it for me right now :)


Me too. But I'm 35!!!! So I have to do the bows in a toned down way. I'm loving the idea of them on shoes - the sides, not the top - or on a dress- up at the top of the straps as an accent.


Someday, when I grow up, I hope to be able to pull of pieces like these. They're so self-assured, so perfectly pitched. And you're right, the color combo on the bottom one is lovely - totally arch + sophisticated. Love.

[hope the trade show is going (or went) well!]


Hope you have a great time in Atlanta! I'm regretting not going over there when I lived in Savannah.
And the heat is probably on par with nyc right now!

The Frugal Style

I am totally in love with these necklaces. What a great find! I totally want one to wear with a plain tee.
Melissa :-)

PS- Have a great time at the trade show!


I love these necklaces and especially the touch of yellow on the bottom ones! Brilliant!


I'm so glad everyone likes these! I know there are a lot of necklaces that have this style out there - but I thought these were worth noting... the shirting fabric adds such a great touch!


It was actually like 10 degrees cooler at least down there!! Seriously, NYC is a freaking boiler room right now and I am losing it. I almost melted in Fulton St. station yesterday. And I am not even kidding.

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