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Aug 24, 2010



SO CUTE. My grandma has one of these, but I don't think she's giving it up. I wonder where you can get a nice quality wooden handle- I see plastic ones at the craft store all the time...you should totally make a collection for fall or next spring!


there are a couple of places to get the wooden handles - from what i can see, it's a matter of stapling the lining to the handle, then adding the buttons to the lining so you can change the outer fabric -


if i find a good handle link, i'll post it here. i'm more partial to the curvier handle styles!

People St. Clair

Oh I had one of these bags and loved it. When the trend died I gave it away. I now wish I kept it. I would love to see an updated collection of pretty patterns.


These are precious! My goodness i love the one with the crabs on it.

Kaelea Ann

One more thing (i mean if you're really into preppy!): MUST HAVE MONOGRAM!

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