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Aug 23, 2010


Bobbin Talk

Love this campaign too! So feminine!
Katie Holmes is wearing the second dress with the scalloped edges in New York Magazine this week and looks very pretty too.


ooh! are you talking about the "Katie Holmes as Jackie O" thing...

seriously, I don't get it. Jackie O was Jackie O! i don't know. I'm a purist.

But I do love the dress and bet it looks great on her, too... my preference is the one at the top with all the gorgeous ruffles!

Bobbin Talk

Yes, that one! I am a purist too and don't think anybody comes even close to Jackie O, {especially K. Holmes} but I do like the dress!

And yes the top one looks really cool in a sculptural way! Would love to see what it looks like full length. That model's features are perfect for all the curves of the dress.


haha - i know. i really do think katie holmes has a great look, but... i will never get those 'so and so as so and so' things...

i love the flatness of the scalloped dress- it's just amazing... almost looks like perfect sugar frosting on a beautiful cake - or snow...

I also love this model/dress combo, you're right. her face is so interesting to me - i love the choice of someone softer with full, natural features. : )

Bobbin Talk

OMG! Yes, that's exactly what it looks like - scalloped tier wedding cake!! LOL! A really elegant and pricey one too...

Bobbin Talk

OK, last one! How about Jennifer Aniston as Barbra Streisand in Harper's Bazaar?!?


Good lord, what were Barbara Streisand's people thinking letting that happen.

...next... Brittney Spears as Hulk Hogan?
Kim Kardashian as Tila Tequila...sigh. haha

Bekah Mae

Those lines! Beautiful pieces.

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