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Aug 03, 2010



love this post, so glad I found you, linked to you today, hope you get lots of action :)

Coquette & Dove

I love them!! I use them a lot in my work, but for personal use I love individual lashes (http://www.eylure.com/products/lashes/individual/index.php) which are actually 4 lashes pinched together. 3 or 4 applied to the outside edge of the lash line looks beautiful without looking too unnatural.

Lily Ellis

I tried them for my 10 year grad reunion a couple of years ago...they looked fabulous and I loved all of the photos taken of me that night, but I could only handle wearing them for 2 days rather than the 2 weeks they could have lasted. Sadly, I couldn't get used to the feathery peripheral vision. But at least I looked fantastic when it counted!

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