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Aug 23, 2010



I AM IN LOVE!!! thanks! :D

Brittany Noel

I love that first one, on the shoulder! I'm not even into chain, but these are great. I do really like the chain that you linked to. The fishtail look in front is awesome, and yes, under a white t-shirt would be so cool. Great find, Susy!

Also, I have a little surprise for you on my blog tomorrow.... :)


Those pieces are amazing.


What a great post! That second photograph is incredible. I also, as always, love your styling for the post. Those pieces of polka dot tape are awesome. How do you do them?


yes - I think that one is really interesting - though it occurred to me I'd have to wear a pretty low-cut shirt to expose it... but I might be able to pull that off! there's still a vixen in me yet - even though i'm now pushing 40 haha


thanks katie! i liked the tape too - i keep seeing all this cute tape and thought i might make some of my own for my blog!

...photoshop! :)

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