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Sep 07, 2010



I am LOVING those blocks. They gorgeous, if such an adjective can be used to describe a child's toy! I wish I had $50 to blow on 8 blocks. Maybe someday . . . Thanks for sharing.

Carol Neiley

I love these blocks and I have to say that I remember playing with a tiny set of colorful blocks from Germany when I was little and it was my absolute favorite toy. I spent hours rearranging them. My daughter's Nanny was from Nigeria and she says that in her village the children have no toys and truly play all day with sticks and sand and stones, all day, all their childhood.


Hi Carol, that is such an interesting story. I have always loved blocks too. They just feel good! Much nicer than typing away on a keyboard : )

Yes, sticks and stones do make great toys. I loved the way these blocks also reminded of just where our daily materials come from...they feel kind of reverent in that way. : )


Ha - yeah. Agreed! ... But if I only wrote about deals and steals, I'd lose most of my readers I bet. haha


When I was little, I had a little wooden cube box filled with little wooden cubes. Each cube had a letter (both lowercase and uppercase) and a couple pictures lasercut into them. I played with these blocks all the time! I just loved building and building and building. Our kids need this type of playtime, too. I read the other day that the majority of kids between 8 and 18 spend at least 53 hours a week on "social entertainment." I.e., tv, internet, etc... It's so sad. We're forgetting how to unplug and to just be. Of course, I'm saying this while typing on your blog, but still!


I love these! I'm discovering my own two kids that the simpler toys are better. We live in a sea of plastic and I see them get so overwhelmed that they end up not doing anything. So I'm trying to pare down. The simple toys help fuel the imagination... and that's important!

joanna goddard

awesome!!! these are so clever. great find.

joanna goddard

awesome!! these are so clever.

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