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Sep 09, 2010



I was give the Chef's set for my birthday and I love them. Although I don't want to use them as actual writing tool, they are so perfectly colored and uniform.


Ha! Are you not using them because you don't want them to be used up?

When I was little, I got a Hello Kitty toothbrush/comb kit with a tiny tube of toothpaste in it. Literally, I found the tube (UNUSED) among my stuff the other day. I remember being totally freaked out about breaking into the toothpaste, because I couldn't handle the idea of it being gone one day.

What a weird kid. haha


i am picking up what you're puttin' down!
love these pencils! love the smell of pencils!



hahah, yes! I feel like I don't have anything "good enough" to write with them. I do this with journals as well.
Did you keep the toothpaste? You could frame it in a little shadowbox! :)

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