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Sep 22, 2010



Holy Grade School Flashback, Batman!!!! I was a sticker fiend. I never shared. I had books and books full of them. I gazed for hours at them in their glory. These I remember in particular: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26583284@N07/2515320822/
They way they oozed when you pressed them, oily color-changing slicks. And then they'd start to die and leak and create a greasy halo in the book.

Oooooh, yeah.

little winter bride

oh gosh these stickers are MY childhood! I wish Mrs. Grossman stickers had a "classics" section on her site.


Oh my gosh, I used to have a sticker book! I loved it and had all kinds of pages. I'm sure they were themed at the time, though I have no idea what the themes were... I'm so happy you found this!

jen : painted fish studio

the wave of nostalgia was like a punch in the tummy! i had so many of those stickers, so long ago...


um, i heart this post. totally saved my sticker books for my future child, who will, undoubtedly, have no need for furries/oilies and scratch n sniff stickers that don't smell anymore.



ohhhh man, I totally forgot oilies! They were so weird, weren't they?

And the furries...totally! I had the little oatmeal colored bears and, I think, some pink and yellow bears.

My best friend and I had a sticker shaped like a whale that we traded back and forth like it was GOLD. When I graduated high-school, she gave it to me. I seriously still can't believe I own The Whale.

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