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Oct 25, 2010



I hope you enjoy the adventure! And we all can't wait to see what creative burst this will produce!

Also? I love that dress.


Susy! I've missed you. But you're forgiven by coming back bearing these gorgeous things. I can't believe those are baskets! They look like bracelets; I want an arm full of them.


Hi sweets. Yes, I've needed to protect myself from the internet lately.

Sometimes, it can be a kind of a dangerous place to be, creatively, and I end up feeling less inspired...and more self-critical...especially if things are up in the air for me, or if I don't feel especially grounded. Do you know what i mean? So I have kind of been taking a break.


Oh HELLS to the YES I know exactly what you mean.

The fact that you were actually able to go away and stay away for a couple weeks? Now that's a feat. YOU are a strong woman. Also, smart.

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