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Dec 09, 2010



Thanks for all the great suggestions. I was just finding myself in need of some inspiration and a good kick in the pants to get motivated. I will definitely check these out!


I really enjoyed this post - as much as your regular type of post, thank you!


I just might have to pick up a couple of these. Not your usual fare, but still greatly appreciated :)

People St. Clair

What a great list I've added a few of these to my very long list of books to read.


o my! i remember reading swimmy as a child! It was so fun to it on your blog after all these years. :)


I can't believe I didn't reply to comments on this post! So happy you enjoyed the books, all! Yup, Swimmy is the most incredible book... so visually stunning, and with such a neat message.

BTW since this post I've read like 3 other self helps haha. I'll probably post a follow up in a while : )

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