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Jan 25, 2011


elissa @ faucethead

great choice. i'm all about camel colors this season/year. they go with everything.

Mabel and Zora

You have great taste!
Enjoy your new shoes.


oh, my dears...i am not actually *Buying* these shoes. merely awarding them for making me WANT to buy them.

BTW Mabel and Zora, i visited your website. am a huge trina turk fan, too. I got my first TT dress for xmas this year and can't stop wearing it!

Account Deleted

Gorgeous...and I love that you have such exact criteria! What I really want to know, is are they comfortable? the wooden soled shoes I mean? I don't know & the one time I tried gold open back wooden heeled clogs, I wanted to rip them off and throw them as far away from me as possible! :)


i personally think that the ankle straps help BEAUCOUP. but also, the heel shape and height. cloggers that get too high are ankle breakingly dangerous. but... i think these would be okay. esp. the ones @ top!

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