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Jan 12, 2011



Great talent, huge!

Monica Florio

I clicked on your site randomly on the VR500, and I'm so happy I stumbled upon it. The books you posted look like great picks, too.

My mom, who lives outside Atlanta at the bottom of a steep driveway, was stuck at home for almost a week! Did you make it out of Atlanta ok?


Hi Monica!
Yes, I was so surprised to be in that group on VR! : ) I'm happy you like the blog - I love writing it, though I should really try and do so more often...

It was crazy indeed down there in ATL. Literally, I got there from NYC before my fed-ex packages did...the roads were insane! It was like a skating rink. But they seem to be handling it well. Scary, though... because the ice is so dangerous!


isn't it? yes, she's fabulous!

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