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Jan 21, 2011




Your banner necklace should read "If I'm not one of the Top Ten Paper Designers to Watch in 2011, then who the f^ck is?!" {optional to add at the end: "buttheads!"}


noo!!! i'm not mad about it. just being snarky.

by the way, the one to watch, supposedly, is Jonathan Adler.

Now there' a big shock. gah.

Anyway...I love STationery Trends. Big time! But I'm just pouty. haha


Oh Susy. Don't worry. We all think you're marvelous.


Yeah I saw it and was expecting you on there since I love all your stuff. But I don't get it, because some mentioned, their products are not all that exciting in my opinion.


haha. thank you. ; )
marvelous....and REALLY neurotic. haha : )


The world of paper goods is very, very large. And there is room for all of us in it. Including, apparantly, the totally predictable and ubiquitous.

oh god. I'm so bad. I should just stop. seriously. i'm bad.

i mask my own insecurities with humor. so sad. but still lots of fun. and this is my blog. so nobody can yell at me. haha


I hope you are having fun with this---we all know that you are one of the ones! But isn't being snarky fun? And very, very therapeutic. Just show them!


I'm totally just having fun. I love Stationery Trends and always enjoy their issues. : ) I'm really just teasing.

I'm one of those people who believes if I don't stand up for myself...well, who will?

Fiona Richards

I've never even picked up a Stationery Trends Magazine. I wouldn't even know where to find one. I like that necklace.

Fiona Richards

ha ha - i just remembered that about a year ago the editor called me because they were doing a special feature on letterpress and they wanted to include us. She insisted that we were a letterpress company and, of course, we are not - we argued back and forth - she insisted that we were letterpress - it was baffling and very unprofessional - I can laugh about it now but I was a little offended at the time!

Mabel and Zora

That would be a long necklace. Have a great weekend!!!


Fiona Cartolina!!!! Fancy seeing you here ; )

Little did you know I actually...and this is 100% truth...went through the list twice and was like..."um...WHERE is Fiona Cartolina on here???" I totally expected to see your smiling face.

The thought of printing your intricate designs on a letterpress in enough to make me break out in hives. Can you imagine? Still, your designs have such a fabulous old-world charm...maybe that is why.

People often ask me about my "Letterpress Invitations". Which I always find equally baffling. haha I guess all of us have our moments.

I do love Stationery Trends, though. I love their articles - very informative. I am just being a poo.

I'm such a Leo it's not even funny. Ow. My tender leonine pride... : )

xo! maybe see you at NSS this year?



you SO are!


You are in the top ten in my heart, Susy!! This post is so funny, I love your sarcasm! That's how I deal with a lot of things, too. Just be sarcastic about it and it makes you feel better somehow. But really, I love your work and your products and I know I'm not the only one. You'll definitely get noticed with your custom necklace. Maybe you can wrap it around your neck several times, like a circle scarf!


haha thanks for sharing my necklace! and you are so hilarious.


well, i adore your line and i think you're brilliant for coming up with this! it's gorgeous!
: )


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