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Feb 25, 2011



Are you saying I should reconsider the clowns-and-marching-band welcome wagon in my shop??? ;)

I think confidence is the key to pulling off such a simple presentation. I always second guess myself and throw some more stuff in the shot, play around with it in photoshop. Yes, confidence is the key.


Well...I'd say as long as the clowns and marching folk are wearing druzys...it's passable.

Your photography always looks amazing. And personally, the photoshopping...people that don't use it are nuts. Don't know what I would do without it!

Marie @ etincellestudio

Great find Susy! I wanted to tweet it, but seems like twitter is down at the moment...
Excellent design, excellent photography, excellent pricing... I say, YEAH!! I have a lot more to learn it seems...


I love the styling of this shop! The simple background, the emphasis on the necklaces... Perfectly simple.


I know. It does make the jewelry look really appetizing. The other thing that's cool about the photos is that some of the jewelry looks like it's swinging in the air - it really gives it life : )


thank you so much for your kind words about my work! :) have a lovely day. :)

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