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Feb 10, 2011



UMMMMM, hello, "don't get too attached?" Too late, woman! I love these little teases. The color story is killing me, the tribal influence from subtle to overt. AGH. I WANT THEM RIGHT NOW!!! ON A TOTE BAG!!! ;)


i am still trying to decide what tribe i am from. i think i am from the paisley and plaid people who originally hail from the foggier and more sarcastic areas of the UK.

two brunettes

i want those feathers as wallpaper! Gorgeous

Account Deleted

Oh... my! Oh, I WILL get attached! And you can't stop me! Muwhahahaha! Must. HAVE. Top. image. in wallpaper, curtains, print and stationary. Get on it! Stat. :)
ps ooh, and what cas said, on a tote bag!

People St. Clair

Too late I'm attached.

kaitlyn sullivan

ohh i am really loving these new patterns! go strong & experiment; you're work is great and i think if you love the new direction you're going in, then others will follow- i think they're beautiful! i actually love the last bright pop of red against the 3rd image, of the creamy white with navy. those two contrast nicely.


thank you! i like that pink and red one, too. it looks a little dead here on the screen (very flat) but when it's printed, it really comes to life. as far as the more delicate navy one, i'm kind of into the idea that the little pieces of color kind of make a new color on the paper itself, almost like a wash of soft color. : )
we shall see!

Ana Romero

I love them all!!! It seems to me you are getting more sophisticated and I like that! Can't wait to see what more is coming up! ***


These are ALL wonderful Susy! I really appreciate your candor here too. Now go do what you love! I have no doubt that you will create work that amazes us! xo Ez




I love that. "One should work, as I've always thought, to create what one wants to see in the world." Absolutely! This is really the heart of things, I think, as a maker/designer. I love where you're going with these designs and can't wait to see what you bring to NSS.


Oh I love these but I also love change...so looking forward to seeing all of your work


So far, so good... I can't wait to show it off! ...whatever it ends up being, that is. : )

Nisar Ahmed

very very nice
i am to much happy

kayce hughes

I want that pink and red!

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