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Feb 17, 2011



Gemstones have so many abilities, with the biggest one to keep my attention focused on them and playing with them under the sunlight. They get so brilliant and amazing hues!
xo, Eleni of My Paradissi

Curt @ GBM

Gorgeous and inspiring! What kind of stones are the second and third circles?


I wish I knew! If I come across what they were called, I'll post it here. Sorry to be so unaware! But they are pretty...


The third one is turquoise. I've never seen anything like that second one before! It's totally hot. When in doubt, call it agate. The first one looks like a Jasper. The fourth looks like a rutilated or a dendric quartz. The last one is botswana agate.

{I like big gemstones and I cannot lie!}


i'm gonna try and figure out what that one is. the place i saw these was a chinese company...and i felt like there was some shady work practise going on so that's why i didn't link it. but i'm gonna see if i can track it down one of these days... it was that 2nd one that made me post this b/c of the color!

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