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Mar 30, 2011


Dreaming of Palm Trees

a souvenir from yoko - that's so awesome! and inspiring! thanks for sharing. xo, Claudia

kara rane

i adore precious souvenirs like this ,o so true


yes, I was kind of over the moon when he showed me it this morning. It's such a personal touch, and seems so special. : )

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Nice souvenir, glad to hear that you think of people from Japan who are going through a terrible calamity. Hope God help them to resist and move on.


Lovely photo to go with your love-filled sentiment, Susy. XO!


I ordered some birthday cards from your site and really like them! Please know I will definitely be back soon for more (I've already used half of them). Thanks again!


Oh, thank you so so much for letting me know you like the cards. I love the idea of a "beautiful birthday"...and I am so glad you like it too.

The idea of 'beautiful' can be so many things. And the phrase beautiful birthday seemed to me to say "happy birthday" in a heartfelt way that felt really true. : )


wow, love that!

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A great piece!


Thank you Susan, it turned out to be quite a nice memory for us, as well. lots of love, yoko

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