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Mar 21, 2011



my pick is the orange book stack! I just love it!
spring hugs

Ashley • Fine Day Press

A nice sunny color to brighten up a dreary monday morning, love it! That cake is amazing...


Yes, I've had that image in my inspiration pile for a while now...love the whole thing! Definitely check out the tumblr blog where i found it, b/c it's FULL of stuff that's similar. I literally went through all her posts. : )



so happy to hear that!

...somehow this post just felt really right today..y'know? sometimes, a certain color just feels like the perfect match for a certain time in life. : )

Alex Evjen

That cake is AWESOME!


isn't it though? i love that the idea is so simple...but it looks so different! : )

Anh Tran

I understand your penchant for orange as I went through a phase of purchasing so much orange, I once ended up stranded in Zurich with nothing but orange clothes without realizing it. To top it all off, I had just picked up a pair of beautiful orange flats wandering about town. Having run out of clothes the next day, I had to wear my all orange outfit and it cured me of that for a while, though now that I see your post, I might just start up again! Love the Tom's flats.


This post was great - I always enjoy your style picks. I also clicked through to your Polyvore page, and liked that feature, too.
I get a kick out of posts that combine different mediums - like you did here, with the books, cake and clothes, which I guess is why I like your blog so much: style is everywhere!


Haha what a great story! I think the phrase "I once ended up stranded in Zurich with nothing but orange clothes without realizing it" is probably one of the best commenter out-takes I've ever had on my blog! So great. : )


Aw! Thank you Greta, I'm so happy to hear you liked this post.

And it makes me feel really happy to hear that you enjoy the tone of the blog - I definitely try to make style feel fun and accessible - inspirational more than aspirational...so, thank you for letting me know how you feel. : )


I love this post!! That dress is lovely. Those Toms shoes are really cute. Coral is a color I've been really intrigued by lately. Like the coral scarf I'm working on right now. Love the intensity!


Yup! This color just felt right for a Monday morning...the more I look at it, the more delicious it gets! When are you going to show it off?

BTW i'm adding The Home Ground Blog and My Mom to my blog roll here - I just realized when I redid the page that I didn't add them back in! : )

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