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Mar 28, 2011



simply gorgeous, susy - and i'm bananas over your new feather too! can't wait to catch up with you in may.


Thank you : )
I have been having lots of fun, it's true. Happy you like the results thus far. I am definitely looking forward to the show. Catching up each year is a total highlight. Not long now...


Those new designs are absolutely beautiful! - and good luck at the show!


omigosh girlie these are beautious! i want to wear your feather one on a cute silk dress and the other as a scarf. love them.


Uh hellooo! These are gorgeous Susy! I adore the sketchy one and the ikat one...swoon! You're gonna rule the world one day for sure! xo Ez


Oh, thamk you! The patterns I"m launching for paper are going to be different from these up here...but, I hope to add these into the mix later in the year...or something kind of similar. I've been having lots of fun just trying to share more sketches. : ) xo!

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