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May 20, 2011



Susy, you're the best! You have so much wisdom to share and you do it in such a lovely, thoughtful way that reminds us that we are all part of a big global family...and that we should always push ourselves forward in though and action (whether that be in tiny or groundbreaking ways). I too was struck with such a feeling of excitement and joy to see so many vendors showing who I've seen grow in the indie community from hopeful beginnings to current success. I love that part of my job as a blogger so much!
So I'm not sure if I stayed "on topic," but I really loved what you had to share...and "hello" your new collection is gorgeous!!! Big hugs to you. xo Ez


Dear Susy, I have been following your blog for quite some time now (ever since the business cards over at Ez's Creature Comforts, if you remember me and my grateful email to you), and I just want to reiterate that I not only liked your style back then, but have found personal meaning - not to mention beauty - in these glimpses of your latest designs.
Though I read Design*sponge, I did not watch Grace's video and am really grateful you pointed to it, because one of my best friends is in design (though outside of the US) and this topic is super relevant to me for that reason.
Regarding my friend's case, I would say that not everyone who is designing right now has positioned themselves most favourably (or is in a favourable geography) to cultivate an audience. My friend is not fresh out of college, but has been crafting designs for well over a decade.
That being said, when I look at both his designs (of furniture) and yours, it is possible to see a clear identity. So, when I listened to your vlog about innovation, I really appreciated the point about giving to one's clients what they have come to love in one's designs. I teach writing, and argue that we each have our unique voice that we are called on to craft and refine.
Which isn't to say that our voice or designs then become static, but if innovation is organic (like what you said - here I shall liberally paraphrase - about innovation waxing and waning over the years), it would be artificial for innovation to always be manifest in the same "wow factor" way.
Also, must design make a person say : wowie, or can't it also provide the comfort of a trusty house plant?
It happens that I'm currently researching a 20th century innovator and scientist. His view on innovation was that its purpose was to help us better understand the language of the universe. In that respect, innovation is ultimately timeless.
Well, I've contributed more than my fair share of two cents - I hope you can cash these words in!


Wow. Your booth looks fabulous. I'm not surprised Kilim Weave was a top seller for you. That print/pattern is just amazing. I love it! Is that a packet of note cards, or a notebook? I'd love to have a Kilim Weave notebook.

Casus Kamera, Gizli Kamera

WOOWWW... this is really so fantastic.. good blog


Hi Suzy, I met you many years ago and have been an avid follower of your blog since. Your video is so thoughtful, I loved hearing your insights on the shows this year and hope you post more videos in the future. Even though I am a novice designer, I can see how challenging it can be to create new designs while still maintaining your brand and fulfilling the needs of your customers. It seems like so many things are in flux at the moment: the economy, our resources, and the growth of many young designers. I hope that the ICFF opens up to smaller (but no less innovative!) designers out there in the future and helps nurture them. I feel like this discussion is a wonderfully invigorating one, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!


well said Susy and thank you for mentioning me : ) xxx

Marisa Anne

Hi Susy! I just found you via Tara's twitter stream. Thank you for this video. Your honesty and kind and thoughtful way which you presented it is very needed right now. And your designs are gorgeous!!

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