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May 06, 2011


kara rane

Thank You Susan for sharing. Your mom is special* and good thoughts on "motherhood' towards one another.


What a beautiful and perfect ode to mom. And you're completely right about how mother roles can come in to play in many different shapes and forms through life - although I have a truly fantastic mom, I really learned everything from from my older sisters. They, in a way, mothered me the most.


Hi There...thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It means a lot to hear that the idea about motherhood meaning more than just "mom" is resonant for you. I think a lot about it, because I probably will never be a literal "mom" but I do like to celebrate the things I learned from my own, which I consider my own way of being a mother, of sorts. I really appreciate hearing from you. : ) Happy "Mother's" Day...however you may be celebrating, and with whomever! : )


I mainly read your blog and don't pop in to comment much (sorry!) but I thought this post and that top photograph were so very touching that I wanted to stop by and drop you a note. I love what you wrote and how you expressed it. Bravo!


Hi Elena...thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed this post - and the image. It took me a long time to pick that image, I thought it showed something very special about my mom...about her personality...but also about people and the idea of mothering. I liked the way it showed not just fun, and love...but strength, dedication, teaching and learning as well. I'm really happy you enjoyed seeing it. I have to say, my mom and I talked about it on Sunday, and she was really happy I chose that photo and found it interesting, too. : )

There are lots of blogs I read frequently, and actually, I comment very little - unless I'm feeling really chatty. : ) Susy


Well said, well said, and HOLY AWESOME COLLAR UNDER SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRT!!! Our Mom's were/are so different yet I think it's pretty damn cool that they respected and trusted each other with their respective cubs. I am very thankful that your Mom was in my life as a youngin'! xoxo


Ha! You are so funny. That's EXACTLY what my mom said!! "Oh my god. Look at my huge collar!!" haha

I know. Your mom and my mom were quite different - but I think inside, they had much in common. I know my mom really enjoyed your mom's friendship...and point of view. She still does! We talk about your mom and you every time we see each other! I think their differences were actually something that made them both like knowing one another. Isn't it funny how that works?


beautiful cover Susy!

Heather Moore

Love these photos, and what you said about moms. Even though I'm not a mom myself, one of the things I'm enjoying about getting older is being able to think back on my childhood with empathy for my mother, as a person, not just as 'my mom'. Thanks for this, Susy. x

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