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May 04, 2011



hardy har!
...just thought I'd share my chuckle :)

kara rane

i ♡ birds & art ☆

bonbon oiseau

you're killing me. look, I know some baby lovebirds if you're interested. and when they're babies, they look like little fingers. (i'm not even kidding susy, on either front).


Aw~ thanks you two! this little guy just makes me smile every time I see him! that pink cheek...*swoon*!


are you kiddding??? babies!???? oh that is freaking too cute. don't let me anywhere near them, or i will squeeeeze and squeeeze.

i miss you. we need to try and see each other after the stationery show. mebbe drinks with P somewheres?


sweet birdie, I had once two parrots! I miss them!


Well as long as its a love bird :)

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