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May 12, 2011



These little peaks looks awesome - have a great show!


I think the handwritten note was always meaningful; there is something to be said about sending something to another that one has literally touched. That said: I really love the packaging note message that you came up with: it is wonderful to be mindful of the hand-written word.
I really hope to make it back to the States this summer, if I do, I plan to buy myself lots of your new collection! It reminds me of a fabric my mother used to make us Thai trousers out of (the kind that are tied at the ankle and have ties for round the waist). And that, in turn, reminds me of renting horses and thick, black rubber inner tubes on those Thai beaches of yesteryear (this was before the 1987 Tourism Year with its inevitable highways and such)..


Gorgeousness! And I love the "handwritten note" packaging! Little details, little details! Good luck and enjoy!


Thank you Lauren! I hope to. I was over there today painting the walls...tomorrow, I will hopefully tackle the rest of the booth set up! : /


Greta, I love your comments! They are always so interesting and thoughtful. Thank you for letting me know about the Thai trousers...I think that is a great compliment!! I am so happy the designs evoke something so lovely and rich for you. Even if I am creating a simple pattern design, I do try and make them feel somehow evocative...so it means a lot to hear that from you.

When I was little, I used a big black innertube to swim in, too...they were great indeed! : ) susy


Thank you Thank you! I'm glad you like them! ...it was kind of fun to add a little flourish on the packaging. I am really looking forward to showing that off at the stationery show. Miss you. xx S

kara rane

nice turquoise color~& always Luv handmade + hand written note,,so true and meaningfull.

Jessica | Destined to Design

Good luck! It all looks fabulous!

Erin Jones Turner

WOW! Your catalogs look great. Hope the show is going extremely well.

Bonbon Oiseau

Susy--was so wonderful to see you! And your new collection is Perfection incarnate: so focused and intelligent and gorgeous! Hope you had a great show and I want to own EVERYTHING in the grey lace and yellow ikat --they are killllllling me....)

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