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Jun 17, 2011



Aren't cool dads just the best?? My dad was so awesome to have around when I was growing up. And still is. Can't wait to play frisbee golf on the course they built in the woods around our house next time I'm home! Great post, Susy.


I think it is the capital achievement of any parent to pass on life lessons that can be shared with family and friends. This is such a lovely post for that reason, as through reading it, we can all admire your father.
And yes, I too relate to having a creative father, for my own always taught me to follow my heart, and to "think positive," because then one can be ready for the good opportunities when they come. He has shown me this approach through his actions, not only words.
Thank you for this wonderful post, and happy fathers day to your father, too!

bonbon oiseau

Wow! I love the tao of your dad! What a coolio guy! Words to live by, life affirming absolutely!


Thank you everyone : ) I'm glad you liked the post. My dad liked it too. Greta - I totally agree with you on parents passing on life lessons..

As Soren Kirkegaard said (sp?) "The loving mother teaches the child to walk alone."

: )

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