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Jul 18, 2011



Love these patterns! What a great Etsy find!


Me too - I know she has been featured on Daily Candy - but I found her just by looking thru other peoples favorites on etsy...it was indeed a wonderful surprise. : )


GAH these are gorgeous and awesome!

(can't wait to see what you whip up, you little seamstress, you!)


It's almost done and tho it's simple, it is just what I was hoping for! I just have to get over to M&J to pick up something to use as a fastener on the neck. : ) Can't wait to show you!


Best thing I've seen on bloggies all week!!! You always have the greatest finds! Oh and stop torturing us and please post your latest project already! (pretty please) xo


Aren't they, though? They just feel so right to me. I pretty much want every single one. Luckily for my wallet, silk makes me sweat like crazy. So I won't be buying. Maybe she'll start making scarves, tho... hm.
Miss you, Mama! xx


I hate to be a broken record but these are amazing and I can't wait to see what you're cookin' up! There I said it. I should have just copied and pasted a previous comment.


haha. yeah, see i know what you like! i'm just not sure what it is about these that is so refreshing...it's probably a combination of things! the colors are certainly trending, the watercolor look...the simple shapes. i love them too!

soon i'll be done with my dress. it's not as pretty of a print as these shirts, but it should do in a pinch. : )

samantha hahn

love these!


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