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Jul 26, 2011



Your patterns above are lovely. Licensing is an area that I have wanted to get involved in since I started my business, but haven't had time to focus on right now. I'd love to hear your recaps about the show - I'm living vicariously through you right now. :)

Melissa de la Fuente

Absolutely GORGEOUS my friend!


Thank you Michelle, I appreciate hearing that from you. : )

Yes, licensing is pretty interesting. Printsource seems to be more of a show where you literally sell the pattern to the attendees right there on the spot. Although, I'm sure there are licensing opportunities to be had, there, as well.

I have found that with licensing, it's really about finding the right fit. I have been really lucky to find some opportunities that were great for me.

I'll keep you posted! : )



Thank you! The little frilly dots actually remind me of you. I know you like your lace and frills : ) x

A Serenade for Solitude

I am loving the top photo...those colors grab me every time! >>>Cassie

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