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Aug 05, 2011



Lovely! How exciting! It's so satisfying to see your patterns come to life on fabric - it never ceases to thrill me. Congrats, and happy weekend to you.


Thank you. Coming from someone with your sense of style, that really means a lot.

It's taking some time to get used to the scale (lots bigger than I'm used to working) And, to match the image in my mind to what is coming out on the fabric...slowly but surely, though! You have a great weekend too.



Susy, you did it! Glorious. So happy for you (and for me, when the fabric goes on the market).

We need to toast!

kara rane

hi Susy-
often it is the longer worked for goal/dream that really is sweet reward. a lovely glimpse of green fabric with those earthy prints. recently i opened an online store via Etsy (a 4 year goal and one i kept my eyes on.. even without available internet for 2+ years)
congratulations to You & all artists!
kindest wishes*


Yes! A toast is definitely in order! To dreams fulfilled! I think we both have some toasting to do. : )

Alex Cross

The abundance of interesting posts on your site I am amazed! The author - good luck and new interesting posts!


seeing my designs on textiles is fun and good. thanks for posting this kind of trends.



super excited to see this! I am headed in the same direction


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