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Aug 18, 2011



Happy 36th, Wonderwoman!! Your overexcitability is one of the things I love best about you - of many :) Have a splendiferous day!


Thank you my dear. : ) Yes, though I try, my overexcitability does seem to grow year after year...it's getting worse!! By the time I am 95 I will be able to spontaneously propel myself into outerspace with enthusiasm and spastic-ness.

xx s


1975 was and is a great year! I turn 36 today, too. Roar leo, roar! Peace and love to fill this year and the many years to come.


Happy Birthday Rachel!!! Yay Leos!!! We really *are* the best : )
And happy 36th to you! I kind of feel like a grown up today...now theres something new and different! : )


Happy birthday and that mum of yours, she rocks. Have a great day.

kara rane

Leo Happy Birthday*!
for you >>
best wishes*


Ha, your mom's awesome! Have an incredible birthday-year!


What a beautiful birthday post - it resonated with me so much that I starred it in my RSS feed. Also, I also turn 36 in two weeks :) May I wish you many happy returns, and all the very best!


Same age here but since a month :) Welcome to the club! Your mum know you the best, I guess...
Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Hope you have a special one.


dearest Susan

my name is susana and i turned 37 on the 28th... and feel so much like what you've just described...

sometimes, people do get it... and in those moments, life feels just so great and wonderfull!

"What matters is having love in your heart, humility in your soul, and an openness to letting life teach you about it's many unexpected wonders"

ps. i've been a reader for a long time ago. love your vision, sense of color and bold pattern design... i feel at home. Thank you!

erin / dfm

happy belated, and good lord i love your mother. :)


Happy Birthday...I hope it's been lovely! :)


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